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EUROS cross development environment:

  • tools that allow you to build applications
    more comfortably and efficiently.


EUROSanalyze is a component of the EUROScope high-level language debugger. It retrieves important information about an application before debugging has been started. Static analysis of the code is performed by means of the application's executable. The gathered information can be visualized in various ways:

  • Calling-Tree

    The list of functions called by any function can be determined.

  • Cross reference

    The list of functions calling any specific function directly or indirectly.

  • Control flow

    Execution paths within a function can be determined. The code sequences found this way can be visualized by means of a flow graph. This makes it easy to detect loops and branches and allows the easy identification of the code paths to be tested.

  • Stack usage

    EUROSanalyze can determine the stack size allocated or freed by every instruction. This allows determination of the total stack size used by a function. In combination with the call tree, EUROSanalyze can calculate the maximum stack usage of all sub-routines called by this function.

For all analyses only the object code of the application is required, since the information is gathered by analyzing the CPU instructions.



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