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EUROS additional components:

  • whereby the developers are completely exempted from the most complex and time-consuming hardware-near programming.
  • provide a solid base for:
    • reduced time-to-market
    • total development cost savings
    • future-proof platform independence

Network Protocols

Based on our proprietary TCP / IP stack, you can implement a variety of Internet applications up to web server applications in few steps.

The EUROS network manager implements the TCP / IP protocols with BSD sockets. The network manager is the base for other products, such as TCP / IP over ISDN, Ethernet / IP, Web Server, FTP, SMTP, SLIP, Telnet, DHCP, PPP, SNMP, SSL, VoIP, etc. On the low-level site it is coupled with one of the many available Ethernet drivers or in the case of a PPP connection over a serial or ISDN driver.

In addition EUROS network manager allow the use of real-time Ethernet protocols such as GPRS, Powerlink, Profinet IO and EtherCAT.

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