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EUROS additional components:

  • whereby the developers are completely exempted from the most complex and time-consuming hardware-near programming.
  • provide a solid base for:
    • reduced time-to-market
    • total development cost savings
    • future-proof platform independence


The EUROS file system component allows file level access to block-oriented devices, including the following:

• NOR flash

• NAND flash

• Adesto DataFlash (formerly an Atmel product)

• SD/MMC cards

• Compact Flash

• USB flash drive

• Hard disk

• Floppy disk


SD/MMC cards, Compact Flash cards, USB flash drives, hard disks and floppy disks are all compatible with the FAT file format. FMS2 can handle FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32.

Multiple tasks can access the file system simultaneously. Access coordination and synchronization are performed by the file system component itself, in order to maintain data consistency.

A flash file system and a fail-safe variant of FMS2 are available.















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