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EUROS additional components:

  • whereby the developers are completely exempted from the most complex and time-consuming hardware-near programming.
  • provide a solid base for:
    • reduced time-to-market
    • total development cost savings
    • future-proof platform independence

Additional components

EUROS additional components are software items that control and interface with peripherals, which, by virtue of their sheer numbers, variety and hardware-level programming requirements, present formidable obstacles to embedded system developers. The importance of these components cannot be overestimated. They are integral to the valid functioning of any embedded system.

These items exempt developers from the most complex and time-consuming hardware-level programming.

They provide a solid basis for:

o reduced development time

o reduced development cost

o reduced time-to-market

o future-proof platform independence

The list below is a partial account of EUROS's offerings.


With ethernet drivers and network protocol stacks you can create internet applications, including your own webserver, in a few steps.


EUROS offers graphics drivers for a variety of controllers. The graphics libraries based on these drivers provide functions such as printing of TrueType fonts, loading bitmaps of various file formats, edge smoothing, and a windowing system with integrated message handling and predefined control elements.


Protocol stack and drivers are available for various IrDA controllers.


• Several protocol stacks and drivers allow the use of the Profibus, Arcnet, 3964R, ISDN stack, and USB port driver communication protocols.

• For CAN applications, EUROS offers CANopen and DeviceNet protocol stacks. A set of CAN drivers provides support for a variety of controllers.

• For communication between micro controllers, EUROS provides drivers and protocol stacks for SPI und IІC.

Serial drivers

Almost all common serial controllers used in embedded applications are supported by EUROS drivers.

Other components

  • EUROS OPC server: is used for data exchange between your embedded application and applications such as Excel or OpenOffice on a Windows system.
  • EUROSmpi: is a component for communication and synchronisation between processors in heterogenous systems that use the 1.1 message passing interface standard.
  • Keyboard driver.
  • Real time clock control.
  • OpenPSC: SoftSPS programming system.

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